14th Anniversary Poem

I got up early this morning, thinking about my bride of these 0.7 score years and jotted down these lines:

Early on in our marriage,
I worked, you pushed the carriage.
Later ABC,
Swung the ax at me,
Before retirement age.

We had said that we’d change roles,
You would work, I would bake rolls.
‘Problem with that map,
Is I ain’t cleaned crap,
Done Laundry, dish’s or killed moles.

Recruiters have been calling,
Opportunities’re falling.
B’ Tax & Insurance
Would eat the difference:
I should do chores where I’m stalling.

I know what I should do,
To make it up to you.
I’ll teach our 3 kids
To wash pots & lids-
We’ll be a cookin’ cleanin’ crew!

Happy Anniversary Ann!