Ode to my Mom

Ode to Pat Fieser

by Jim Fieser

Raphael and Viola,had a daughter they named Pat,
around Kirkwood Missouri,
where the land is not so flatRaphael’s health was bad,
Dr. said “Seek Clean Air”
They moved to Wilhelmina,
not for managed health care.

No buses, phone or fridge:
Pat missed these luxuries.
But after Rafe was gone,
They owed no utilities.

The day Pat turned 16,
Against the wishes of her Mother,
She moved to St. Louis
To make money for the others.

Finding work was tough,
With so few qualifications
She stretched the truth a bit
On employment applications.

One job she took was
In a Hospital
To the health profession
She strongly felt the call

Pat met Bob in her 20’s.
Tom was a mutual friend,
Told Pat a story of Bob’s conquests
Bob said, “You believed him?”

April 28, 1956
Our family got it’s start,
Here in Wilhelmina
At the church of Sacred Heart.

Mary Lea was first born.
But stayed not long with them.
Then in a span of 5 years,
Came Steve, Karen, Dan and Jim

They moved around a bit’Tween Memphis & St. Lou
Lost the home of their dreams
When the refrigerator blew.

When she had the kids
Away from a water source
She would lick a Kleenex
And wipe them down by force!

She drove the bus & met trucks
When they delivered The Club it’s ale.
She was the very first woman
To carry Dunklin Co. mail.

She’d work a job and be nice,
No matter how mean the boss,
Trying to keep her family,
Insured with that Blue Cross.

She worked at Three Rivers.
Later went to RN school there,
She fell in ‘Disco Roller Skating’
And broke her derriere! 1

A 2 year degree makes passing
The Nursing exam very hard,
But Mom passed the first time,
By knowing every drug card.

She enjoyed the VA job
on the Nursing Home Floor
Was called to Hospice care
Helping folks through their Final Door.

She helped a lot of people
Through Life’s Valley’s and Hills
With loving care & concern,
And her communication skills.

1True story. Three Rivers Community College offered thisclass for PE Credit and Mom broke her tailbone the first day.